Black Friday: Aire Group offers key tips for ecommerce success

In an environment where e-commerce takes on special importance during events like Black Friday, Grupo Aire, through its division Stackscale, specialized in infrastructure solutions, private cloud, and data centers, presents an essential decalogue for e-commerce to not only survive but also thrive in these crucial dates, guaranteeing the availability, performance, and security of IT systems:

1. Advanced Strategic Planning: Fundamental for success on Black Friday, it involves starting in advance to identify and adjust the necessary technical requirements. Collaboration between different departments is essential to align objectives and prepare the technical infrastructure for a significant increase in traffic.

2. Early Resource Expansion: Prepare the IT infrastructure to handle a significant increase in traffic and transactions is crucial. This includes resizing servers, storage, and networks based on traffic estimates and historical data.

3. Infrastructure Evaluation and Reinforcement: Key to avoiding interruptions and ensuring optimal service. This involves using tools such as Content Delivery Networks (CDN), choosing robust payment gateways, and efficient cybersecurity services.

4. Demand Adaptation: Involves adding additional computing nodes and configuring network storage, backups, and cross-replicas to protect data and ensure business continuity.

5. Thorough Testing: Essential to ensure the effectiveness of e-commerce infrastructure, covering all aspects of the site and ensuring an optimal user experience.

6. Risk Minimization: Avoid last-minute changes and implement high-availability solutions are key tactics to prevent unexpected problems and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

7. Contingency Preparation: Anticipating and planning for unforeseen circumstances and emergencies is crucial to maintain the reliability and stability of the e-commerce platform.

8. High-Performance Cloud Solution: Opting for a high-performance private cloud environment is essential to handle the increase in traffic and sales, improving security, and optimizing costs.

9. Focus on Cybersecurity: Designing a solid security plan that protects against DDoS attacks, system intrusions, phishing, and other risks is a top priority.

10. Improving the User Experience: Conducting detailed tests on the website, improving page load speed, and ensuring that content is relevant and easy to access is essential for effective UX.

About Grupo Aire

Grupo Aire is a conglomerate of telecommunications companies that offers a wide range of services, including connectivity, MVNO/E, VoIP, UCaaS, cloud, and data centers, to operators, companies, and public bodies. Composed of companies such as Aire Networks, Ar Telecom, LCRcom, Stackscale, Teradisk, and SysAdminOK, Grupo Aire stands out for its presence in more than 20 proximity-neutral data centers and its network of more than 33,000 km throughout Spain and Portugal. Its strategic location in key points of submarine cable such as Marseille, Barcelona, and Lisbon gives it a privileged position in the IT market in Iberia.

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