Bilbao Exhibition Centre, epicenter of innovation in rural telecommunications: Aotec Exhibition 2024

Bilbao becomes the focus of attention in the world of telecommunications and the digitalization of rural areas with the XVII edition of the Aotec Technological Fair. This highly relevant event will take place at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) on May 9 and 10, 2024, as announced by Antonio García Vidal, president of the National Association of Local Telecommunications Operators (Aotec), Xabier Basañez, general director of the BEC, and Gonzalo Elguezábal, executive director of Aotec.

The Aotec Fair, a crucial meeting point in Spain for telecommunications, especially in rural areas, brings together renowned national and international companies, innovative manufacturers, suppliers, engineering firms, and a diverse group of professionals in the sector, from telecommunications operators to engineers and administrative representatives. This edition has the support of the Basque Government, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, and the City of Bilbao.

Innovations and Advances at the BEC Pavilion

Pavilion 2 of the BEC will be the stage to showcase the latest advances in telecommunications, such as 5G, XGS-PON, and fiber to the room, as well as the latest trends in digitalization. A notable addition to Aotec 2024 is the inclusion of a Technology Start-up Zone, open to the participation of Basque companies as well.

The fair is organized around five fundamental thematic axes: telecommunications infrastructures, IoT and smart cities, data centers and cloud, TV content for TV platforms, and cybersecurity, among others. These contents reflect the growing importance of services based on both connectivity and other complementary aspects.

Featured Participants and Business Support

Companies like Imatel and Sarenet, along with 13 sponsoring companies such as Adamo, Avatel, and Finetwork, are part of the event. Neutral operators like Aire Networks, Asteo Red Neutra and Bluevía, among others, also stand out in the sponsorship.

Aotec 2024: A Showcase for the Technological Ecosystem

This event showcases the capabilities of the technological ecosystem that supports more than 800 alternative telecommunications operators in Spain, a sector that invests approximately 2 billion euros annually. These operators, including neutrals and locals throughout the country, are key in rural connectivity and in the digital transformation of companies, administrations, and society in general.

Aotec 2023: A Successful Prelude in Alicante

The previous edition of Aotec in Alicante was a resounding success, with 115 exhibiting companies and over 4,000 visitors. The fair was inaugurated by María González de la Cruz, Secretary of State for Telecommunications, along with other institutional representatives.

The Choice of Bilbao: An Innovative City for a Pioneering Event

The choice of Bilbao, Barakaldo, and the BEC reflects the innovative spirit of the region, recognized by the European Union. The fair, under the theme “Innovative Impulse,” has the dual objective of enhancing the capabilities of alternative operators and reinforcing their role in digital transformation.

The Local Operator in Spain: Drivers of Change

Alternative operators are fundamental in the fight against rural depopulation and in the more equitable distribution of the population across Spanish territory. The connectivity they offer is essential for revitalizing villages, allowing for entrepreneurship, innovation, and work from anywhere.

In conclusion, Aotec 2024 is not just a telecommunications fair; it is a critical catalyst for technological advancement and digital transformation, especially in the rural areas of Spain.

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