BeDisruptive is enhancing its cybersecurity excellence with new certifications.

BeDisruptive, a leading technology boutique specializing in the field of cybersecurity, has reached a significant milestone in its journey by recently obtaining several key certifications and expanding the scope of existing ones. The company has achieved the High Level of the National Security Scheme (ENS), the highest distinction that ensures compliance with strict controls on information, establishing advanced technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection, integrity, and availability of data.

In addition, BeDisruptive has been awarded the ISO 14001 and ISO 20000-1 certifications, which recognize the company’s excellence in environmental management and the provision of quality and efficient technological services, respectively. This achievement adds to the renewal of its ISO 9001 certification, which refers to quality management systems, and the expansion of the scope of its ISO 27001 certification, the benchmark standard for information security management.

Xabier Mitxelena, CEO of BeDisruptive, has highlighted the company’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and security in all its processes, emphasizing that these achievements reflect the rigor with which information is managed and protected, thus offering a high degree of confidence and assurance to its clients.

The ISO 14001 certification underscores BeDisruptive’s commitment to the environment, improving its operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and corporate reputation. The ISO 20000-1, on the other hand, validates the quality and efficiency of the company’s information technology services.

The achievement of the High Level of the ENS places BeDisruptive in a privileged position within the sector, demonstrating that it meets the highest security standards for the use of electronic means in relation to the Public Administration, which includes access management, data protection, audits, and security incident management.

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