Avaya recognized as Leader in Intelligent Contact Center Solutions by Aragon Research.

Avaya, a global leader in customer experience solutions, has been recognized for the fifth consecutive year as a leader in The Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Contact Centers™ (ICC) 2024. This recognition highlights the excellence of Avaya and its cutting-edge platform, Avaya Experience Platform, which integrates artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize contact centers, empowering virtual agents and continuously improving the customer experience.

According to the Aragon Research report, led by CEO and lead analyst Jim Lundy, Contact Centers have become key points for enhancing the customer experience, primarily driven by AI. “AI has become a fundamental technology for delivering superior experiences, using GenAI to power this evolution,” explained Lundy.

Avaya Experience Platform is key in creating intelligent Contact Centers, allowing organizations to adopt innovative Cloud technologies quickly and easily. This results in a richer end-user experience, with more options, quicker responses, and a more personalized approach. Avaya’s solution enables interaction with customers across various channels, such as chat, email, and social messaging, providing effortless experiences and maximizing Contact Center performance and experiences.

AI is playing an increasing role in Contact Centers, with GenAI being used to develop virtual agents that collaborate with human agents. “Avaya’s API-first strategy strengthens connectivity with third-party applications, creating a more integrated and flexible ecosystem, thus enhancing the customer experience,” stated Jay Patel, Avaya’s global vice president of product management.

Avaya effectively integrates with organizations’ existing infrastructure and facilitates their transition to the Cloud. Organizations can transform their communication and Contact Center capabilities on-premises through hybrid Cloud deployments, experiencing technological innovation seamlessly in their operations. Additionally, Avaya enables the adoption of digital channels from the Cloud, providing customers with more contact options without affecting existing call flows.

“Avaya’s multi-Cloud approach, revitalized leadership team, and renewed products position the company as one of the leading companies to consider in the Contact Center market,” highlighted Jim Lundy.

The Aragon Research Globe is a market evaluation tool that graphically represents Aragon Research’s assessment of a specific market and its vendors. Aragon Research examined 15 major providers in this market, focusing on all aspects of collaboration and communication.

source: Avaya

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