Atos will enhance its Digital Workplace Centers of Excellence with the hiring of 350 experts.

The drive of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase productivity and offer new capabilities to users, the development of co-innovation projects based on AI with clients, and improving the sustainability of the workplace define the new strategy of Atos’ Digital Workplace (DWP) in Spain. The initiative includes hiring over 350 new professionals and an investment of 2 million euros.

In Spain, the new Digital Workplace (DWP) strategy focuses on strengthening its centers in Valencia and Santander, with an emphasis on creating specialized centers in modern workplace management. This will provide a different and more updated view of the digital natives’ context, aiming to reach a wider diversity of users through the integration of new resources.

Furthermore, the centers in Tenerife and Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands, will continue to grow to offer DWP services in Spain and worldwide, concentrating on specific capabilities and generating support centers to keep evolving. Since last November, over 300 professionals have joined the Tenerife center. In the mainland, the goal is to incorporate between 30-50 specialists to reach 200 professionals dedicated to DWP. It’s worth mentioning that the DWP area is one of the main growth drivers for Atos in Spain.

According to Francisco Palacios, Head of Digital Workplace at Atos in Spain and Growing Markets, “we have decided to continue betting on DWP not only for Spain, but we aspire to make our country a technological hub for clients worldwide. For the development of this strategy, we will promote the search for young talent and expect to incorporate engineers into the different centers where the potential of AI and sustainability development will be a priority for us. Currently, in our country, we work with major corporations in sectors such as banking, energy, insurance, among others, who have entrusted us to transform their workplaces. We are creating precise, flexible, and personalized experiences for our clients under a strong commitment to talent.”

Recognized as a leader

DWP is one of the main strategic activities of Atos, with a global business volume exceeding 1.2 billion euros and over 12,000 professionals working in the Digital Workplace, providing a comprehensive employee experience through digital collaboration and productivity tools, as well as intelligent customer service.

In March 2024, Atos was positioned as a Leader by Gartner in its 2024 Magic Quadrant for Outsourced Digital Workplace Services (ODWS) for the eighth consecutive year. Furthermore, the Atos Group has been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities worldwide for over 12 years.

Atos is the global market leader in DWP for its ability to integrate workplace services. Additionally, thanks to its global presence in 69 countries, it can offer services globally to multinational companies.

Sustainability from start to finish

Sustainability in all processes is a key element of the new strategy, focusing on areas such as reducing CO₂ emissions from transport, managing devices efficiently and sustainably, as well as reuse and recycling. For Atos, sustainability is a differentiating factor that impacts clients’ mindset and business development.

More efficient and productive

The use of AI in DWP is a differentiating factor that allows for increased productivity and the generation of new capabilities around the users, their clients, and their clients’ clients. This makes learning curves and management models much more efficient, adding value in areas such as Service Desk and critical business situation management.


Atos’ new strategy includes developing co-innovation projects with clients to facilitate the adoption of AI, teach them how to use tools correctly, and prepare their environments and context for safe AI implementation. Environments like machine learning and solutions are being developed to identify the maturity and security level of companies’ document management environments, eliminating risks and uncertainty concerning AI.

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