ASML: The unknown giant powering the technological revolution.

In the vast and complex ecosystem of technology, there are names that resonate with the general public like Google, Apple, or Samsung, but there are other companies whose influence, while less visible, is fundamental to technological advancement. ASML is one of those indispensable entities, a titan behind the curtains that powers the technological revolution dominating our era.

## Orígenes y Trayectoria
Founded in 1984 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, ASML began as a joint venture between Dutch companies Philips and ASM International. ASML has specialized in the manufacturing of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry from the outset. Photolithography is a critical process in the production of integrated circuits or chips, and ASML has played a crucial role in its evolution.

Since its inception, ASML has been at the forefront of technological innovations in the chip manufacturing process. The company quickly distinguished itself through its commitment to research and development, heavily investing in new technologies and expanding its global presence.

## Evolución Tecnológica
The evolution of ASML has been marked by its ability to anticipate and respond to the demands of a rapidly changing industry. In the 1990s, ASML pioneered the introduction of immersion lithography, a process that uses water between the lens and the silicon wafer to improve the resolution of images printed on chips. This allowed its customers to continue Moore’s Law, doubling the number of transistors on a chip roughly every two years.

In 2010, ASML took a revolutionary step with the development of extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV). EUV is a technology that uses extremely short wavelengths of light to create much smaller and efficient circuits. This breakthrough allowed for the continued miniaturization of chips and the increase of their power and efficiency, playing a critical role in the development of modern technology, from smartphones to data servers and autonomous vehicles.

## Liderazgo en Innovación
ASML stands out in the technological world not only for its innovations but also for its unique position in the semiconductor supply chain. The company is the exclusive supplier of EUV lithography systems, a position it has reinforced through strategic acquisitions such as Cymer in 2013, a leading provider of light sources for lithography.

ASML’s dedication to innovation is not limited to improving its products. The company invests a significant portion of its revenue in research and development, closely collaborating with industrial, academic, and customer partners to push the boundaries of semiconductor technology.

## Presencia Global y Impacto
With operations in over 60 cities around the world and a workforce exceeding 28,000 employees, ASML is truly a global company. Its lithography systems are used by all major chip manufacturers, including industry giants like TSMC, Samsung, and Intel. ASML’s technology is fundamental to the production of nearly all electronic devices on the market, from computers and mobile phones to entertainment systems and vehicles.

## Hacia el Futuro
Looking ahead, ASML continues to lead the way in the pursuit of technological advancements. The company is constantly exploring new frontiers in semiconductor technology, as evidenced by its recent brand film using generative artificial intelligence, demonstrating its commitment not only to the development of technology but also to its creative application.

ASML remains an unyielding force behind technological evolution, a company whose impact is felt in virtually every aspect of modern life. In an increasingly technology-dependent world, ASML’s role in advancing the science of semiconductors is more crucial than ever, ensuring that this Dutch company will remain essential to the technological future of our society.

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