ASML reveals its latest brand film created with Generative AI.

In a world where technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, ASML, the leader in the semiconductor industry, has taken a step forward demonstrating the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Their latest brand film, «Standing on the shoulders of giants», is not only a tribute to global innovation and the transformative power of computing, but also to the creative force of AI, a tool that ASML has utilized throughout the production process of this film.

Innovation Through Artificial Intelligence

The film «Standing on the shoulders of giants» is made possible thanks to the same computing power that ASML’s advanced lithography systems help enable. This project highlights how the wave of generative AI innovation is unlocking potential in a wide array of applications, from healthcare and mobility to manufacturing. ASML has utilized a combination of cutting-edge generative AI, including Midjourney, Runway, and Stable Diffusion, to create this film.

Generative AI has been the latest wave of innovation, changing the way we work, live, and play. The film celebrates the global spirit of innovation and the transformative power of computing, made possible by the chip industry.

A Tribute to Science and Technology Giants

Thomas Marzano, Brand and Digital Lead at ASML, remarked, “As a leader in innovation in the semiconductor industry, ASML honors the dreams, visions, and discoveries of the countless giants of science and technology who came before us. We are honored to stand on their shoulders, feeling the responsibility to look beyond. With our employees all over the world, and with our partners, suppliers, and customers across the chip industry, we are committed to keep driving technology forward with you.”

A Creativity Process Driven by AI

The creation of the film required 1,963 natural language prompts that generated 7,852 images. These were edited and then rendered by over 900 computers. Subsequently, these renders were processed with various generative AI techniques, covering a total of 25,957 frames at 1,000 MB per frame. One of the most challenging scenes was that of Isaac Newton and his apple amid the planets. The team needed over 20 attempts to get the Newton scene right, producing over 9,800 frames.

ASML’s Vision: Pushing Technology to New Limits

This film serves as a testament to the creative application of AI, bringing to life ASML’s purpose: “unlocking the potential of people and society by pushing technology to new limits.” Alongside its partners, ASML provides industry-leading pattern solutions driving the advancement of chips. These advancements have spawned new products and transformed entire industries.

With “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” ASML not only celebrates the heritage of innovation and technology but also sets a new standard in content creation, showcasing the transformative and creative power of generative artificial intelligence. This pioneering approach not only highlights ASML’s leadership in technological innovation but also serves as a reminder that the tools we create today can be the foundation for future generations of scientists, technologists, and innovators.

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