ANCO acquires R2 Tecnio: Strengthening in the Madrid technology market

ANCO, a leading company in IT consulting and advisory, has acquired R2 Tecnio, specialized in IT maintenance in Madrid. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in ANCO’s strategy to expand its presence and services in the Community of Madrid, offering a more complete portfolio of technological solutions.

Consolidation and Growth

The union of ANCO and R2 Tecnio reflects a strong commitment to innovation and excellence in technological solutions. R2 Tecnio’s experience in IT maintenance complements ANCO’s existing capabilities, allowing the company to offer a wider and more advanced range of services. This includes auditing, IT consulting, maintenance, cybersecurity, multi-cloud solutions, and digital transformation.

Vision and Future Strategy

With the addition of R2 Tecnio, ANCO expects to achieve a turnover of 15 million euros in 2024. The strategic plan for ANCO 2024-2026 focuses on consolidation in Madrid and expansion in the national market, seeking to increase profitability and improve market share. New operations and strategic alliances are expected to strengthen its position as a leader in the implementation of ICT solutions and services at a national level.

ANCO: A Technological Leader

With over four decades of experience, ANCO has established itself as a key technological partner for companies. Its focus goes beyond being a mere provider of IT services; ANCO acts as a strategic ally that transforms technology into a competitive advantage. With high ratings from its clients, ANCO is recognized for its innovation in Cloud Computing and exceptional customer service.


The acquisition of R2 Tecnio by ANCO not only strengthens the company’s presence in Madrid but also represents a significant step towards its expansion and consolidation in the national technology market. With this strategy, ANCO positions itself as an innovative leader in the sector of technological solutions and services.

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