AMD powers the world’s fastest and most efficient supercomputers according to the Top500 list.

In an impressive milestone for high-performance computing (HPC), AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) has today announced its prominent position in the latest Top500 list. The company has achieved a 39% year-on-year growth, with a total of 140 supercomputers powered by its technologies. Additionally, AMD is behind eight of the top ten most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world, according to the OCDE Green500 list.

HPC Leadership and Energy Efficiency
Forrest Norrod, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Data Center Solutions Group at AMD, highlighted the company’s commitment to sustainable innovation. “We are at the forefront of addressing significant global challenges, driving scientific discoveries in critical areas such as health and energy,” he stated.

The Top500 list has revealed that AMD EPYC™ processors and AMD Instinct™ accelerators are critical in some of the fastest and energy-efficient supercomputers in the world. These include the Frontier supercomputer from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and El Capitan from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, both marking a new era in exascale computing.

Advances in Exascale Supercomputing
El Capitan, which is currently being installed, will incorporate AMD Instinct MI300A APUs, combining CPU and GPU cores with high-bandwidth memory. This innovative design is expected to deliver spectacular performance and energy efficiency.

Reducing Environmental Impact
AMD’s efforts to improve the energy efficiency of its technologies align with its 30×25 goal, which aims to increase the energy efficiency of its processors and accelerators for AI and HPC training by 300% by 2025.

Convergence of AI and HPC
AMD not only excels in HPC but also in AI applications. AMD-based systems led the top spots in the HPL-MxP mixed-precision benchmark, highlighting the capability of AMD EPYC CPUs and AMD Instinct accelerators in AI workloads.

Collaborations and Expansion
AMD continues to collaborate with key partners in the industry. HPE recently announced the HPE Cray Supercomputing EX255a blade accelerator with AMD Instinct MI300A technology. Additionally, the French HPC and AI agency, GENCI, and the Max Planck Data Facility in Germany have also adopted AMD technologies for their supercomputers.

Bright Future for AMD in HPC
With over 50 years of innovation, AMD has established itself as a leader in high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies. The company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, creating high-performance and adaptive products that are transforming how we live, work, and play.

About AMD
For over half a century, AMD has led the innovation in high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies. With a dedicated commitment to creating market-leading products, AMD continues to redefine the boundaries of modern technology.

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