Altia enhances cybersecurity at the Castilla y León Supercomputing Center with cutting-edge technology.

Altia, the renowned technology consulting firm, has been selected to enhance the cybersecurity of the Castilla y León Supercomputing Center (SCAyLE), a project funded by REACT-EU funds. This 60-month collaboration will represent a significant leap in SCAyLE’s security, leveraging advanced cybersecurity tools and the support of Altia’s Security Operations Center (SOC).

Boosting Cybersecurity in the Field of Supercomputing

SCAyLE, a public entity created by the Junta and the University of León, is an essential part of the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES). It is dedicated to optimizing research tasks and supporting businesses in the community. In the face of growing cyber threats, SCAyLE has relied on Altia to protect its infrastructure and critical data.

Comprehensive and Advanced Solutions

The project includes the implementation of advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect SCAyLE’s various environments. Altia will provide:

Infrastructure of New Generation: A perimeter protection system with high-availability firewalls.

Email Protection: An advanced system to safeguard communications.

AI Surveillance and Monitoring: AI-based tools to detect potentially dangerous activities and traffic.

User Access Protection: Multifactor authentication (MFA) solutions and additional measures for end users.

Continuous Support from Altia’s SOC

Altia will provide continuous cybersecurity support through its specialized team from the SOC. This support is crucial in the face of a shortage of specialized resources and the increasing complexity of systems.

Expected Benefits and Results

Once completed, the project will ensure:

Comprehensive protection of SCAyLE’s environments.

Additional security measures for end users.

AI solutions to detect and block threats in real time.

Security management by Altia’s specialists.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Belén Ferreiro and Chema Famelgo, Managers at Altia, emphasize the importance of this project in reinforcing the company’s commitment to cutting-edge services in the field of cybersecurity. The collaboration with SCAyLE reflects Altia’s ability to offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and continuous support through its SOC services.

José Manuel Martínez García, Systems Coordinator at SCAyLE, highlights the successful execution of the project and the overcoming of technical and administrative challenges, including nighttime interventions to avoid significant service disruptions.

This project with SCAyLE solidifies Altia’s position as a leader in cybersecurity, demonstrating its ability to provide innovative and secure solutions that address current technological challenges.

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