Alphawave Semi and Arm collaborate on developing high-performance computing chiplet.

Alphawave Semi (LSE: AWE), a global leader in high-speed connectivity and computing silicon for the world’s technological infrastructure, has collaborated with Arm in the development of an advanced computing chiplet based on Arm® Neoverse™ Compute Subsystems (CSS). This chiplet is aimed at applications in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), high-performance computing (HPC), data centers, and 5G/6G network infrastructure.

This collaboration follows last year’s announcement that Alphawave Semi joined Arm Total Design, an ecosystem that creates customized silicon solutions based on Arm Neoverse CSS.

Alphawave Semi’s customized silicon design based on chiplets adds a differentiator to its portfolio, which includes IO extension chiplets, memory chiplets, and computing chiplets, as well as Alphawave Semi’s ultra-high-speed IP connectivity and advanced packaging capabilities. This computing chiplet set features a cluster of Arm Neoverse N3 CPU cores and Arm’s Coherent Mesh Network (CMN), ensuring scalable and efficient performance. Available on industry-leading process nodes, the technology enables customers to accelerate development and reduce time to market (TTM) for a new generation of customized System on Chip (SoC) technologies. These advanced SoCs support the rapid deployment of high-performance digital infrastructure, enabling the creation of customized silicon solutions tailored to specific needs.

In collaboration with Arm, Alphawave Semi enhances this configuration with its advanced packaging techniques and a leading portfolio of connectivity technologies, including PCIe Gen 6.0 and 7.0, Universal Chiplet Express (UCIe), Ethernet 112/224G, and HBM subsystems. This strategic integration ensures that the Arm-based computing chiplet offers robust performance and flexibility, addressing the needs of next-generation HPC, data centers, AI/ML, and 5G/6G infrastructure while accelerating time to market for customers.

“Our Arm-based computing chiplet is a critical component in Alphawave Semi’s custom silicon platform and a showcase of our IP, SoC, and packaging capabilities, as well as our successful strategic partnership with Arm,” said Mohit Gupta, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Custom Silicon and IP at Alphawave Semi. “The combination of the Arm Neoverse CSS platform with Alphawave Semi’s advanced and proven IP drives innovation across the chiplet ecosystem and simplifies the development of custom silicon crucial for AI, HPC, and other demanding digital infrastructures applications.”

“Arm Total Design is fostering a rapidly growing ecosystem around custom silicon and enabling chiplet innovations to address increasingly complex computing requirements,” said Eddie Ramirez, Vice President of Marketing, Arm Infrastructure Business Line. “Alphawave Semi’s new advanced computing chiplet is a fantastic example of how industry-leading companies are leveraging the performance optimization and energy efficiency benefits of Neoverse CSS to get to market faster and empower next-generation AI and HPC workloads.”

About Alphawave Semi

Alphawave Semi is a global leader in high-speed connectivity and computing silicon for the world’s technological infrastructure. In the face of exponential data growth, Alphawave Semi’s technology addresses a critical need: allowing data to travel faster, more reliably, and with higher performance at lower energy consumption. We are a vertically integrated semiconductor company, and our IP, custom silicon, and connectivity products are deployed by top global customers in data centers, computing, networking, AI, 5G, autonomous vehicles, and storage. Founded in 2017 by a technical team with a proven track record in semiconductor IP licensing, our mission is to accelerate the critical data infrastructure at the heart of our digital world.

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