Aire Group strengthens its presence in the Canary Islands with the integration of Idecnet.

Aire Group, one of the most prominent companies in the telecommunications sector, has strengthened its position in the market with the recent integration of Idecnet, an operator with its own network and data center in the Canary Islands. This acquisition, announced on January 10, 2024, represents a significant advancement in Aire Group’s growth strategy and reinforces its infrastructure and network in the region.

Idecnet: A strategic addition for Aire Group

Founded in 1995 and based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Idecnet has established itself as a key entity in the telecommunications industry in the Canary Islands. It stands out as the first operator to offer dedicated 10G circuits in the region. Its focus on advanced technological solutions and personalized attention has allowed it to accumulate a base of over 1,100 clients, including businesses, public administrations, and other operators, with a revenue that exceeded 4 million euros in 2023.

Expansion and Synergies

The integration of Idecnet into Aire Group not only strengthens the group’s presence in the Canary Islands, but also expands its network infrastructure. Idecnet brings to the merger its own fiber network in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, as well as a data center in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, certified under ISO/IEC 27001 and ENS Media standards. These resources seamlessly integrate with Aire Group’s solutions, encompassing advanced connectivity to data center services.

CEOs’ Statements

Raúl Aledo, CEO of Aire Group, expressed his satisfaction with the acquisition: “The arrival of Idecnet to Aire Group reinforces our growth strategy and allows us to offer increasingly complete and personalized technological solutions. This union consolidates our positioning in the Canary Islands and helps us expand our network infrastructure and data centers. We are delighted to welcome a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector”.

Juan Manuel Castellano, CEO of Idecnet, also commented on the integration: “Joining Aire Group is a great opportunity to increase our infrastructure and services, benefiting from the strength of an established business group. This alliance will allow us to offer a complete portfolio of solutions to the audiovisual industry established in the Canary Islands”.

In summary, the acquisition of Idecnet by Aire Group is a strategic step that reinforces the group’s presence in a key region like the Canary Islands. The combination of knowledge, experience, and diversified services positions Aire Group as a leader in connectivity and data center in the region, promising a future of continuous growth and expansion for both companies.

About Aire Group

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Aire Group is a group of telecommunications companies that offers a wide range of services, from connectivity to data center solutions, to businesses and public agencies. With a focus on digital transformation, the group has established itself as a leader in the IT field in Iberia, integrating companies such as Aire Networks, Ar Telecom, Stackscale, Teradisk, and SysAdminOK. Its technological DNA and its ability to adapt to customer needs distinguish it as a provider of flexible and highly qualified solutions.

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