Aire Group promotes the Spanish node of Gaia-X and strengthens its commitment to digital sovereignty.

Grupo Aire, a reference in the telecommunications sector in Spain, has taken a significant step in consolidating digital sovereignty and data economy in the country by assuming the operation of the Spanish node of Gaia-X. This advancement, crucial for the deployment of federated data spaces at the national level, falls within the European initiative Gaia-X, which seeks to establish an open, federated, and interoperable data infrastructure based on the principles of digital sovereignty and data accessibility.

The implementation of Gaia-X interoperability nodes, known as Gaia-X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH), is an essential component of this strategy. Its objective is to offer automatic validation services of interoperability rules to the promoters and participants in data spaces. Aire Networks, part of Grupo Aire, has been selected to operate the first Spanish node, a move that will allow actors in the Spanish ecosystem to benefit from an experimental infrastructure for the creation of data sharing and service ecosystems under Gaia-X rules.

Grupo Aire, through Aire Networks, will play a crucial role in managing the Spanish node of Gaia-X. The company will bring its expertise and resources to ensure the 24/7 operation of the node, with redundancy in multiple data centers and the implementation of measures and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, such as ISO 27001 or the National Security Scheme.

This commitment to Gaia-X reflects Grupo Aire’s focus on offering Spanish companies and institutions the ability to control the location of their data at all times, thanks to its extensive network of data centers and powerful orchestration tool. Raúl Aledo, CEO of Aire Networks and Grupo Aire, emphasizes the strategic importance of this node for Iberia, highlighting the strengthening of data sovereignty and the promotion of user trust, as well as the stimulation of investment in technology and digital services.

In a recent development, Grupo Aire has strengthened its position in the infrastructure and private cloud segment with the addition of companies like Stackscale, a leader in infrastructure, private cloud, and bare-metal. This move is fundamental for Grupo Aire’s development not only in the European market but also internationally, emphasizing its commitment to innovation and technological leadership in the sector.

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