Aire Group boosts the economy by creating 350 jobs in its new data center in Málaga.

Group Aire, a leading company in telecommunications and technology solutions, has announced a €2.5 million investment in its first Data Processing Center (DPC) in Málaga, located in the Málaga TechPark. This new center adds to the existing ones in Talavera de la Reina and Elche, reinforcing the company’s strategy of regionalization and localization to improve the delivery of services and infrastructure in a cloud environment.

The new data center in Málaga by Grupo Aire is not only a significant investment in technological infrastructure, but also a driver of economic growth and employment in the region. It is estimated that it will generate around 350 direct and indirect jobs in the coming years, thus contributing to the local economic development and talent promotion in the area.

Grupo Aire, known for its commitment to technological innovation and service excellence, offers comprehensive solutions for connectivity, voice, audiovisual services, cloud, and data centers. Their solutions are designed to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of each client.

With the recent integration of Stackscale, a leading European infrastructure and private cloud provider, Grupo Aire strengthens its position in the market and expands its service offering. The acquisition of Stackscale allows Grupo Aire to complement its wide range of services and reinforce its presence in the telecommunications and technology sector.

The group has an extensive network of federated data centers covering the entire Iberian Peninsula, connected by a TIER 2 fiber network of over 30,000 kilometers. This infrastructure enables Grupo Aire to offer advanced cloud solutions with low latency, thus meeting the growing demands for digitization and technological transformation by businesses.

The new DPC in Málaga not only drives job creation and technological development in the region, but also offers local and regional companies the opportunity to expand their businesses and address their digital transformation processes. This advancement represents a significant step in Grupo Aire’s commitment to supporting the local economy and promoting technological innovation in Spain.

Source: PTA

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