Aire Brilla Group shines at ACUTEL 2023: A unique connection in Granada

In the recent edition of the ACUTEL Technology Fair 2023, held on November 22 and 23 at the FERMASA exhibition center in Granada, Grupo Aire stood out prominently. Organized by the National Association of Telecommunications Operators and Local Televisions (ACUTEL), the event became an essential meeting point for the group, which took advantage of the opportunity to strengthen ties with its operator clients and explore new collaboration opportunities with partners and suppliers.

Grupo Aire’s booth, built with sustainable materials, reflected the company’s corporate values and served as a showcase for its latest technological solutions aimed at local, regional, and national operators. Among these, Zentinela Connect stood out, an innovative cybersecurity solution designed to address the current challenges in the sector. In addition, Grupo Aire presented its extensive portfolio including advanced solutions in areas such as Connectivity, VoIP, OMV/E, Media, Cloud, and Data Center.

In an effort to provide an experience beyond the fair, Grupo Aire organized an exclusive cultural event for its clients in an emblematic setting in Granada, with views of the Alhambra and the Cathedral. This event allowed clients to enjoy an immersive experience in Granada’s culture, with the interpretation of Lorca’s verses accompanied by traditional flamenco in a Zambra.

During the event, both Raúl Aledo, CEO of Grupo Aire, and Carlos Cortés, commercial director of the company’s Wholesale area, shared their knowledge and perspectives on the current opportunities and challenges for local, regional, and national operators in a constantly evolving market.

ACUTEL 2023 thus became a valuable platform for Grupo Aire, not only to present its innovations and technological solutions, but also to reaffirm its commitment to innovation and success in the telecommunications and technology sector.

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