AI Trends in 2024: Generative Artificial Intelligence and the Importance of Trust

As we approach the end of 2023, the revolutionary impact of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the business world becomes evident. According to the latest report from the IBM Institute for Business Value, 2024 will mark a milestone in the evolution of AI, where trust will play a crucial role.

From “More AI” to AI+ in Organizations

75% of CEOs recognize that generative AI is more than just an add-on; it is a crucial element for the success of businesses in 2024. The era of AI+ comes with the promise of transforming companies, but this will require a human-centered approach, balancing technological capability with responsible and ethical use of AI.

Personnel and AI: A Necessary Symphony

In 2024, generative AI will influence all levels and organizational functions. Employees who embrace AI and adapt to new roles will be the ones leading the change. The successful adoption of generative AI will depend on employees’ trust in this technology, posing a significant challenge for business leaders.

Data: From IT to the C-Suite

Data is no longer just a concern for IT, but a business imperative. More than half of CEOs express concerns about data security in the context of generative AI. Therefore, trust in technology becomes an essential value that must permeate throughout the organization.

Resilient Operating Models

With a future filled with uncertainties, operating models must be flexible and adaptable. In 2024, AI-based generative dashboards will offer greater visibility and responsiveness. However, only 6% of CEOs claim that their measures are fully integrated across the entire company.

Ecosystems: The Heart of Business Strategy

Trust ecosystems will become a key competitive advantage in 2024. Open innovation, which has shown to generate significant revenue growth, requires information to flow freely through ecosystems. This makes it essential for business leaders to choose partners capable of maintaining strong, trust-based relationships.

2024 is shaping up to be a defining year for generative AI in the business world. The ability of organizations to effectively integrate this technology, foster trust among employees, ensure data security, and adapt operating models will be crucial to capitalize on the opportunities offered by this innovative era of AI+.

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