8 benefits of pentesting to ensure corporate cybersecurity

Synack, the leading security testing platform, has released a list of the main benefits of conducting regular penetration testing to ensure corporate cybersecurity.

Pentesting involves a controlled attack on an organization’s defense protocols to determine vulnerabilities and establish preventive corrections. Synack’s experts consider eight main benefits resulting from the continuous implementation of these tests.

1. Simulates a Real Attack: Pentesting uses the same techniques as hackers, providing an accurate simulation of a cyber attack without suffering the consequences. Many tests are conducted without informing the cybersecurity staff, allowing organizations to determine the effectiveness of their implemented controls in the event of a breach.

2. Multidimensional Evaluation: Pentesting tests defenses in all aspects: technology, processes, and people. When performed correctly, it can uncover hidden breaches and proactively address them using advanced attack techniques.

3. Real-Time Results: Pentesting can be completed quickly, adapting to any business type or scale. Results are obtained in real-time, providing a comprehensive analysis of system behavior.

4. Expert Skills: Advanced pentesting platforms supplement tools with the involvement of ethical hackers who possess the necessary skills to execute attacks and evaluate system responses effectively.

5. Reliable Feedback on Risk Paths: Pentesting reveals key vulnerabilities that IT security teams may not have considered, providing clear guidelines for prioritizing future cybersecurity investments.

6. Validates Security Posture Against Recent Threats: As the threat landscape evolves, pentesting provides a constant evaluation of an organization’s infrastructure to ensure compliance with licensing, standards, and certifications.

7. Allows Testing of Third-Party Systems: With the increased risk of supply chain attacks, pentesting is essential when utilizing third-party systems or following mergers or acquisitions to prevent external assets from becoming vulnerabilities.

8. Valuable Information for Executives and Budget Justification: Pentesting results can demonstrate the effectiveness of current security models and justify the need for additional investments, providing executives with the necessary data to engage in corporate cybersecurity.

Alejandro Novo, Country Manager of Synack Spain, emphasizes the significance of pentesting for identifying vulnerabilities and security breaches, stating that it goes beyond evaluating controls’ effectiveness and risk reduction to prevent irreversible losses and ensure regulatory compliance.

About Synack

Synack’s exclusive on-demand security testing platform leverages a community of talented and reliable security researchers, coupled with intelligent technology, to deliver continuous penetration testing and vulnerability management with actionable results. Committed to closing the cybersecurity skills gap, Synack provides organizations with on-demand access to the world’s most reliable security researchers. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with regional teams worldwide, Synack protects federal agencies, classified assets of the US Department of Defense, and a growing list of Global 2000 clients. In 2022 alone, it discovered over 14,000 vulnerabilities for clients.

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