71% of Spanish businesses that invest in Data Streaming see a return of up to 10 times on their initial investment.

Confluent, Inc. (NASDAQ), a pioneer in Data Streaming, has revealed in their report “Data Streaming Report 2024: Breaking barriers for business agility and innovation” that 71% of Spanish companies investing in Data Streaming achieve a return of between 2 and 10 times on their initial investment. This report, based on a survey of 4,110 IT leaders from 12 countries, highlights the strategic importance of Data Streaming for organizations.

Strategic Priority in 2024

The report highlights that 82% of organizations in Spain consider Data Streaming a strategic priority or important for their IT investments in 2024. The benefits of this technology are evident in various areas of the business:

– Cybersecurity and digital risk management: 91% of respondents state that Data Streaming has improved these aspects in their organizations.
– Product and service innovation: Over two-thirds (67%) ensure that, thanks to Data Streaming, they can offer new and different products and services to their customers.

Impact on AI Adoption

Data Streaming platforms play a crucial role in the adoption of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). For AI models to generate accurate and relevant results, reliable and real-time data is essential. 84% of respondents in Spain expect to maintain or increase their investments in GenAI in the next two years, while 85% indicate that Data Streaming platforms allow proper monitoring of the data inputted into governance-focused models.

Breaking Data Silos and Improving Accessibility

Data Streaming helps companies overcome data access and management challenges, capable of detecting and eliminating data silos that hinder real-time operations. 83% of IT leaders in Spain cite multiple data-related challenges affecting their organizations, with 93% stating that Data Streaming helps break these silos.

Corporate Benefits of Data Streaming

The report shows that Data Streaming is a profitable investment in all sectors, with a significant return on investment (ROI). Globally, the sectors that have benefited most from this technology include:

– Technology: 93% of companies
– Financial: 88%
– Construction and transportation/logistics: 86% each

Recommendations and Future of Data Streaming

Shaun Clowes, Chief Product Officer of Confluent, highlights that “isolated data in different systems and applications hinders the utilization of one of the most valuable corporate assets: data. Data Streaming connects these systems, allowing real-time data access and improving decision-making and customer experience.”

This report highlights the growing adoption and positive impact of Data Streaming in companies, emphasizing the need to continue investing in this technology to remain competitive and agile in the current dynamic business landscape.

About the Study

The “Data Streaming Report 2024” is based on a survey by Freeform Dynamics and Radma Research involving 4,110 IT leaders from companies with 500 employees or more, from 12 different countries, including Spain. The sectors represented in the study encompass technology, financial services, public administration, manufacturing, healthcare, media, non-profit organizations, professional services, retail, transportation, hospitality, utilities, and telecommunications.

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